Stellar Hardware Wallet on Kickstarter

Pigzbe launched a Kickstarter for their hardware wallet.

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Throttling and Auto-Approval with Multisig

StellarGuard will be adding a throttle feature and an auto-approval mode, allowing users to place caps on how much an asset can be traded per day from their account and allowing users to have transactions signed without user interaction. “Perfect for securing your trading bots!”


BlockEQ Android is out of Beta with Trading

BlockEQ is moving its Android wallet app out of beta with DEX access, token management and trustline issuance, and exchange address recognition.


BlockEQ acquired for $12MM CAD

Coinsquare - a Canadian cryptocurrency exchange - acquired Stellar wallet BlockEQ. BlockEQ will remain a separate entity and will work with Coinsquare to launch Coinsquare’s upcoming stable coin.‬


$125MM Lumen Airdrop with Blockchain.com

Wallet provider Blockchain.com is airdropping up to 500MM lumens (~$125MM) to their ~30MM users in partnership with SDF. After completing a KYC process, users can receive ~$25 worth of lumens. Lumens are the fourth asset to be added to the Blockchain wallet and the first asset to participate in Blockchain’s new airdrop program in what appears to be the largest airdrop ever.


Lumens on Trezor

Trezor support for lumens has been implemented. It is currently only available in a Trezor-hosted version of the Stellar Account Viewer and is not yet available in the Trezor Wallet app itself. Until other wallets and the Stellar Laboratory support Trezor, you cannot perform any other operations beyond sending lumens.