CAP/SEP Round Up

  • CAP-0017 has moved into accepted status. Link
  • CAP-0019: “Future-upgradable TransactionEnvelope type” - Adjust the transaction envelope to allow for the addition of different transaction types in the future. Link
  • SEP-0017: “Issuer account funding protocol” - Use CAP-0013 to cut the process for depositing external assets into a Stellar account from four steps to one. Link
  • SEP-0018: “Data Entry Namespaces” - Standardize the naming of account data entries. Link


10x Performance for Stellar Core

Stellar Core v10.3.0 improves the performance of a node by up to 10x on low end hardware.


New SDF CEO - Denelle Dixon

Former Mozilla (Firefox) COO Denelle Dixon will become SDF’s Executive Director and CEO on May 1st. Jed McCaleb will become Chief Architect, focused on protocol development and adoption.

SDF Press Release
“Why I’m Joining Stellar” by Denelle Dixon
“Thank you, Denelle Dixon” by Chris Beard


XLM on Coinbase Pro

Coinbase Pro launched lumen trading with USD, EUR, and BTC trading pairs.


Simplifying SCP

Both David Mazières of SDF and Bob Glickstein of Interstellar released articles distilling the Stellar Consensus Protocol.

David Mazières of SDF
Bob Glickstein of Interstellar


New Stellar Logo

“Could you see a cartoon rocket ship in use at some central bank or in a press release from a national monetary authority? We couldn’t either."


Börsenmedien AG Integrates SatoshiPay

Börsenmedien AG - “one of the leading media houses for finance information in German- speaking regions” - has invested in SatoshiPay and is integrating SatoshiPay into their media outlets.


Hacker Noon Expands on the Bitbond STO

Hacker Noon expands on the Bitbond STO and discusses their stable coin partnership with Tempo.


Iranian Banks Fork Stellar codebase

Iran’s biggest banks have forked the Stellar codebase and created a new network called Kuknos with a gold-backed native token called PayMon.


SDF Releases 2019 Roadmap

Plans for 2019 include streamlining Core so more validators can join the network, significant changes to Horizon, an overhauled site, an open-source wallet SDK, ecosystem projects being supported by SDF, and more.


Nodle Pre-Installed on HTC’s New Hardware Wallet Phone

HTC's Exodus 1 blockchain phone comes with Nodle’s app installed, allowing you to earn NODL coin on the Stellar network and store your Stellar secret seed on the phone's hardware wallet.


Stellar-Based Securities Exchange App Demo

DSTOQ published a demo video of their upcoming trading app for exchanging stocks and ETFs on the Stellar network and released an application for their Beta Tester program.


Fee Stats

To help with surge pricing, stats about transaction fees are now available on the Stellar Dashboard as well as in Horizon.


Dangers of Low Threshold Operations

Paul Selden of StellarGuard details the risks involved in setting the low threshold on a multisig account to 0.


World Wire Customer Profiles

Jesse Lund discusses who the customers of World Wire are (“market makers who provide the pay in and pay out locations”) and gives a preview of an upcoming announcement to be made at Money20/20 Asia.


BlockEQ's Jon Lister Discusses Upcoming Anchor Plans

TWG interviews BlockEQ co-founder Jon Lister, who discusses their upcoming anchor plans.


Surge Pricing and Maxed out Ledgers

SDF engineer Tomer Weller writes that increased network activity has made it difficult to get transactions into ledgers lately. “About a quarter of ledgers are maxing out at 50 transactions” (the current ledger limit set by the validators in the network). Many of these failed transactions are sets of path payment operations intent on arbitraging price differences in the network’s order books. He also discusses CAP5’s upcoming “dutch auction” fee payments and a general sentiment that the minimum fee should increase.


Automated Stellar Transaction Export for Taxes

OrbitLens of Stellar.Expert has released a tool for exporting a Stellar account’s transactions in a BitcoinTax-compatible format for tax reporting purposes.


Regulated STO Offering on Stellar

Germany’s securities regulator BaFin has approved Bitbond to issue a security token offering (STO) called the Bitbond Token (BB1) on the Stellar network. The raise will fund Bitbond’s business financing products, and token holders will receive 4% annual interest plus a variable coupon based on profits. The token will be tradable on the Stellar DEX after the sale.


Lund, Camp, McCaleb chat with a Fed Rep

Jesse Lund of IBM, Tammy Camp of Stronghold, Jed McCaleb of SDF, and Michael Warner of the Federal Reserve Bank spoke yesterday on a panel at IBM Think 2019. Warner of the Fed asked the panelists how to design a digital currency for the United States, and the panelists estimated when they would expect to see CBDCs issued (1-3 years).

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