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Get started by learning more about the Stellar network, how to store lumens, how to trade on the Stellar decentralized exchange, and more.
stellar overview course

Take the free course

Watch our series of animated videos that explain core Stellar concepts. The course covers nodes, the ledger, assets, anchors, accounts, transactions, the decentralized exchange, the Stellar Consensus Protocol, and more.
hold and cold wallets stellar

Store lumens safely

You keep your savings in harder-to-use, more secure accounts, and you keep your spending cash in a less secure, easier-to-access location. Use a similar approach to stay secure on Stellar.
stellar ledger explorer stellarexpert

Explore the ledger

Use a ledger explorer to look up accounts and transactions and explore the network. StellarExpert is a mobile-friendly ledger explorer and analysis platform with detailed asset stats, retrospective analysis, and charts.
stellar dex decentralized exchange

Trade on the Stellar DEX

Use the Stellar decentralized exchange (DEX) to trade peer-to-peer - from currencies like bitcoin to Euros to Chinese Yuan to one of the thousand tokens on the network - all for free and with fiat on ramps. You can use one of many user interfaces to access the DEX - StellarX, Stellarport, StellarTerm, and more.
stellar consensus protocol

Read the SCP white paper

Study how the Stellar network reaches consensus every 3-5 seconds via the Stellar Consensus Protocol, or Federated Byzantine Agreement.