Horizon Survey

SDF is creating technical roadmaps for all of their projects this year, and they are looking looking for feedback on Horizon. If you've used Horizon extensively in the past, please fill out this survey.


9.76% of Accounts Performed 10+ Transactions in the Past Month

LongHash - a blockchain data analysis firm - studied accounts on the Stellar network to identify the best recipient accounts for a theoretical airdrop. Their analysis indicates that 87% of accounts on the network have less than 10 lumens, and 9.76% of accounts performed 10 or more transactions in the past month. While the research is interesting, airdropping projects cannot target accounts in this way due to the need for trustlines and the related increase in the minimum account balance.


Kelp v1.3.0 released

New Kelp - an open-source trading bot for the Stellar DEX - updates:

  • mirror strategy supports offsetting trades on the backing exchange to reduce asset risk
  • balanced strategy reduces noise from unnecessary re-randomization of offers
  • support for randomized time intervals to avoid exploitation of kelp bot


SatoshiPay Launches Full Validators

SatoshiPay - a micropayments provider - has been operating basic validators for over a year and recently launched a cluster of three full validators in Iowa, Frankfurt, and Singapore. A basic validator participates in consensus but does not store the full history of the network, while a full validator both participates in consensus and stores the full network history. A full validator helps other nodes join the network and improves the resiliency of the network. According to SatoshiPay, they join three full validators from SDF, two from Coinqvest, and two from Lobstr.


Proceeding with Caution – a Survey on CBDCs

According to a survey of central banks by the Bank for International Settlements, a majority of central banks are researching CBDCs (central bank digital currencies), but "only a few intend to issue a CBDC in the short to medium term." The report focuses in on two countries where the circulating cash supply has decreased - Sweden and Uruguay - and their respective general purpose CBDCs - the e-Krona and the e-Peso.

Note: These are not on the Stellar network.


Deconstructing Decentralized Exchanges

Lindsay X. Lin, Legal Counsel at Interstellar and the Stellar Development Foundation, lays out the the technical differences between different decentralized exchanges (0x, Stellar DEX, IDEX, EtherDelta, Bancor, Airswap, etc.) in an explanatory overview of decentralized exchange architecture for the Stanford Journal of Blockchain Law & Policy.


Throttling and Auto-Approval with Multisig

StellarGuard will be adding a throttle feature and an auto-approval mode, allowing users to place caps on how much an asset can be traded per day from their account and allowing users to have transactions signed without user interaction. “Perfect for securing your trading bots!”


Stellar Protocol Values Released

SDF details “Stellar Protocol Values” to help guide people as they are submitting protocol changes (CAPs). Highlights:

  • “Stellar network should facilitate side-chain transactions to enable sub-networks.”
  • “The Stellar network should support decentralization wherever possible, but not at the expense of the majority of its values.”
  • “We should not over complicate the protocol itself, and the more outside of the core protocol, the better.”
  • Heavy emphasis on filtering changes through the goal of cross-border payments.


Helping Refugees Transport Savings Across Borders

With funding from the likes of SXSW and the Catalyst Fund, Leaf Global Fintech provides mobile financial services to refugees, helping them arrive in new countries with more money. "Early development of Leaf’s platform utilizes Stellar’s DLT."


CoinDesk Profiles Jed McCaleb

CoinDesk profiles Jed McCaleb. Highlights:

  • Interstellar is "trying to make the first killer app" - "a viable business built on Stellar"
  • “People put the time frame wrong as dot-com, when actually it’s just way before like Arpanet kind of stuff”
  • "He sees the next step in its evolution as enlisting more people to build the wallets and exchanges needed for it to truly become what it was meant to be: a useful, open-source protocol for payments."
  • Stripe "need(s) the ecosystem to be a certain level of maturity, they need the anchor, the person issuing the fiat currency on the network. We need those entities to exist before they can use the network.”
  • On IBM, he says: “They’re building a thing, WorldWire, that is a replacement for SWIFT, and it’s built on Stellar. We just talk to their engineers and help them through the process.”


'Most financial institutions are not going to use bitcoin'

Yahoo Finance interviews McCaleb. Highlights:

  • "If it’s not a public chain, then you’re missing the point."
  • "In the rest of the cryptocurrency world now, there’s this big push for tokenizing different things, and now there’s the stablecoin hype, and Stellar has sort of been doing this all along, we just weren’t calling it that."


Stronghold Airdrops SHX

Stronghold airdropped 100,000 SHX tokens to all of their verified customers - token utility to be announced.


SDF Ecosystem Updates: Developer Programs

SDF details updates to their approach to developer engagement, including a new developer mailing list for transparency and collaboration, wallet guidelines for security and interoperability, a new Stellar Developer Program for ongoing support project beyond the Stellar Build Challenge, and an evolved Stellar Build Challenge modeled more closely after hackathon events.


Discovery and Fix of a Stellar DEX Bug

OrbitLens of StellarExpert details how he discovered a vulnerability in the Stellar DEX that allowed an attacker to buy small amounts of an asset at a 1:1 rate, and how validators in the network moved quickly to update Stellar Core to eliminate this bug.


Token USD Market on Stellarport

Token's USD anchored asset is now paired with tokens like XLM, ETH, XRP, and BTC on the DEX and listed as a new market on Stellarport (see the USD "Markets" tab).


BlockEQ Android is out of Beta with Trading

BlockEQ is moving its Android wallet app out of beta with DEX access, token management and trustline issuance, and exchange address recognition.


SDF Ecosystem Updates: Lumen Distribution Programs

SDF describes updates to their lumen distribution programs, including more details on the Stellar Community Fund, revisions to the Partnership Grant Program, and a new academic research program to fund proposals that advance financial inclusion.


Stellar Academic Research Program

"The Stellar Development Foundation is soliciting proposals for basic technical, economic, and legal research advancing the foundation’s goals of financial inclusion, fast and inexpensive cross-border payments, efficient decentralized markets, and other beneficial applications of distributed ledger technology."


Cross-Border Gifting on Stellar

Swych - a mobile gifting app for sending digital gift cards across borders - is now powering cross-border gifting using the Stellar network.


Flutterwave and SureRemit at TechCrunch’s Battlefield Africa

Leaders from Flutterwave and SureRemit - two Stellar-based companies - spoke at TechCrunch’s Battlefield Africa event in Nigeria.


FactR on IBM Marketplace

FactR - a freight and fleet management tool that powers cross-border transactions using Stellar - is now listed on the IBM Marketplace.


Stellar Core v10.1.0 Released

Stellar Core v10.1.0 was released, improving performance by changing the way stellar-core interfaces with the database.


White-Label Exchange AlphaPoint Supports Lumens

White-label cryptocurrency exchange AlphaPoint now supports lumens. AlphaPoint powers 100 exchanges, 10 of which have already listed lumens.

Community investor Ali Hamed on Pomp's Off The Chain (Interstellar) investor Ali Hamed (CoVenture) appeared on Pomp’s Off the Chain podcast and briefly discussed the concept of a global currency and Stellar.

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