SatoshiPay Pilot with Axel Springer

Europe’s largest digital publishing house Axel Springer (Business Insider, Bild, Die Welt and Upday) is piloting the SatoshiPay wallet to power Stellar-based micropayments for content.

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Stellarport Adds Trezor Support

Stellarport now supports Trezor hardware devices, allowing you to send payments and trade on the Stellar DEX with your Trezor. Stellarport plans to open source their Trezor integration work so other developers can add Trezor support.


Keybase’s Stellar Integration Goes Live

Keybase has expanded from cryptocommunication into cryptocurrency by incorporating Stellar into their suite of apps (no official announcement yet). They now provide:

  1. Identity - verify someone’s Stellar public key via public statements made by that person
  2. Multi-device key management - manage your Stellar private key across many devices
  3. UIs - cross-platform app for Stellar payments (a “Venmo” on Stellar)

Download the updated apps and try it out. Keybase supports federation, so your Stellar address can be represented by your Keybase username*keybase.io.


SatoshiPay Launches Solar Wallet

SatoshiPay released Solar Wallet - a desktop wallet with asset management and multi-sig support.


SDF Wallet Guidelines Adherence

After SDF announced wallet guidelines, Soneso - the creators of the iOS and macOS Stellar SDK - analyzed the guidelines adherence of the 17 wallets listed on Stellar.org. According to their study, no listed wallets follow guideline #13: “Wallet must verify and present information to the user based on the issuing account's TOML file (SEP-0001).”


Throttling and Auto-Approval with Multisig

StellarGuard will be adding a throttle feature and an auto-approval mode, allowing users to place caps on how much an asset can be traded per day from their account and allowing users to have transactions signed without user interaction. “Perfect for securing your trading bots!”