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Automated Stellar Transaction Export for Taxes

OrbitLens of Stellar.Expert has released a tool for exporting a Stellar account’s transactions in a BitcoinTax-compatible format for tax reporting purposes.


Discovery and Fix of a Stellar DEX Bug

OrbitLens of StellarExpert details how he discovered a vulnerability in the Stellar DEX that allowed an attacker to buy small amounts of an asset at a 1:1 rate, and how validators in the network moved quickly to update Stellar Core to eliminate this bug.


209,780,640 Operations in 2018

OrbitLens of StellarExpert published an infographic illustrating the growth of the network.


Unlimited Number of Assets in .toml File

A new SEP draft authored by OrbitLens and Paul Tiplady "describes a standard way to query asset metadata, thereby allowing the issuer to deal with an unlimited number of assets without defining each of them in stellar.toml file."