Discovery and Fix of a Stellar DEX Bug

OrbitLens of StellarExpert details how he discovered a vulnerability in the Stellar DEX that allowed an attacker to buy small amounts of an asset at a 1:1 rate, and how validators in the network moved quickly to update Stellar Core to eliminate this bug.

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Coinsquare Acquires StellarX

Canada’s biggest crypto exchange Coinsquare has acquired StellarX. The acquisition from Interstellar by Coinsquare was driven by a need for “a home with regulatory experience”. Coinsquare has quickly become a Stellar powerhouse, having already acquired Stellar wallet BlockEQ. On the roadmap: a StellarX mobile app, new fiat tethers, and securities tokens.


Kelp v1.3.0 released

New Kelp - an open-source trading bot for the Stellar DEX - updates:

  • mirror strategy supports offsetting trades on the backing exchange to reduce asset risk
  • balanced strategy reduces noise from unnecessary re-randomization of offers
  • support for randomized time intervals to avoid exploitation of kelp bot


Deconstructing Decentralized Exchanges

Lindsay X. Lin, Legal Counsel at Interstellar and the Stellar Development Foundation, lays out the the technical differences between different decentralized exchanges (0x, Stellar DEX, IDEX, EtherDelta, Bancor, Airswap, etc.) in an explanatory overview of decentralized exchange architecture for the Stanford Journal of Blockchain Law & Policy.


Lobstr to Run StellarTerm

Last week, StellarTerm published an update to their site, saying "Development of StellarTerm is unable to keep up with the latest developments of the Stellar network & can't provide the best experience that users all deserve. Unfortunately, due to lack of funding & dev time, StellarTerm will be shutting down." This morning, Lobstr announced that they will now be “leading further development of StellarTerm”.


StellarX Live with Fiat Deposits

StellarX is live and is offering USD deposits via AnchorUSD as well as federated addresses under the domain.