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Nanopayments for web content, built on Stellar

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Börsenmedien AG Integrates SatoshiPay

Börsenmedien AG - “one of the leading media houses for finance information in German- speaking regions” - has invested in SatoshiPay and is integrating SatoshiPay into their media outlets.


SatoshiPay Pilot with Axel Springer

Europe’s largest digital publishing house Axel Springer (Business Insider, Bild, Die Welt and Upday) is piloting the SatoshiPay wallet to power Stellar-based micropayments for content.


SatoshiPay Launches Solar Wallet

SatoshiPay released Solar Wallet - a desktop wallet with asset management and multi-sig support.


SatoshiPay Launches Full Validators

SatoshiPay - a micropayments provider - has been operating basic validators for over a year and recently launched a cluster of three full validators in Iowa, Frankfurt, and Singapore. A basic validator participates in consensus but does not store the full history of the network, while a full validator both participates in consensus and stores the full network history. A full validator helps other nodes join the network and improves the resiliency of the network. According to SatoshiPay, they join three full validators from SDF, two from Coinqvest, and two from Lobstr.