Web Authentication Using Stellar

Sergey Nebolsin and Viktor Sokolov of Evil Martians describe how to implement web authentication with Stellar, JavaScript, and Node.js based on SEP-0010.

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Bootstrapping Multisig Coordination

Paul Seldon of StellarGuard and Nikhil Saraf of Interstellar put forward a standardized approach for multisig accounts to coordinate signatures across wallets and signing services.


Account Transfer Permissionless Payment Protocol

In SEP-0013, Jeremy Rubin proposes a way to send an asset to someone who does not have the necessary trustline and is not online at the time of the payment. This is an alternative to another potential proposal that allows the sender to add and pay for a trustline on the recipient's account and requires a core protocol change.


Unlimited Number of Assets in .toml File

A new SEP draft authored by OrbitLens and Paul Tiplady "describes a standard way to query asset metadata, thereby allowing the issuer to deal with an unlimited number of assets without defining each of them in stellar.toml file."