SDF Update

McCaleb pens an update about SDF lumen sales, inflation, Starlight, and SDF's general plans.

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CoinDesk Profiles Jed McCaleb

CoinDesk profiles Jed McCaleb. Highlights:

  • Interstellar is "trying to make the first killer app" - "a viable business built on Stellar"
  • “People put the time frame wrong as dot-com, when actually it’s just way before like Arpanet kind of stuff”
  • "He sees the next step in its evolution as enlisting more people to build the wallets and exchanges needed for it to truly become what it was meant to be: a useful, open-source protocol for payments."
  • Stripe "need(s) the ecosystem to be a certain level of maturity, they need the anchor, the person issuing the fiat currency on the network. We need those entities to exist before they can use the network.”
  • On IBM, he says: “They’re building a thing, WorldWire, that is a replacement for SWIFT, and it’s built on Stellar. We just talk to their engineers and help them through the process.”


'Most financial institutions are not going to use bitcoin'

Yahoo Finance interviews McCaleb. Highlights:

  • "If it’s not a public chain, then you’re missing the point."
  • "In the rest of the cryptocurrency world now, there’s this big push for tokenizing different things, and now there’s the stablecoin hype, and Stellar has sort of been doing this all along, we just weren’t calling it that."


SDF Ecosystem Updates: Developer Programs

SDF details updates to their approach to developer engagement, including a new developer mailing list for transparency and collaboration, wallet guidelines for security and interoperability, a new Stellar Developer Program for ongoing support project beyond the Stellar Build Challenge, and an evolved Stellar Build Challenge modeled more closely after hackathon events.


SDF Ecosystem Updates: Lumen Distribution Programs

SDF describes updates to their lumen distribution programs, including more details on the Stellar Community Fund, revisions to the Partnership Grant Program, and a new academic research program to fund proposals that advance financial inclusion.


SDF Ecosystem Updates: Community Vision

SDF lays out their updated community plans, including local gatherings of Stellar users called "Clusters", a Stellar global conference, r/Stellar subreddit governance via polls and points, a way for the community to participate in lumen awards called the Stellar Community Fund, and a hint at a new website coming in 2019.