SDF Announces SBC7 Results

Some highlights:

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Automated Stellar Transaction Export for Taxes

OrbitLens of Stellar.Expert has released a tool for exporting a Stellar account’s transactions in a BitcoinTax-compatible format for tax reporting purposes.


0rora - Stellar Payment Manager

Jem Mawson of the Stellar Scala SDK has released 0rora - a Stellar payment manager. It’s a “self-hosted solution for easily making, scheduling, editing and responding to Stellar payments.”


Cross-Border Gifting on Stellar

Swych - a mobile gifting app for sending digital gift cards across borders - is now powering cross-border gifting using the Stellar network.


Flutterwave and SureRemit at TechCrunch’s Battlefield Africa

Leaders from Flutterwave and SureRemit - two Stellar-based companies - spoke at TechCrunch’s Battlefield Africa event in Nigeria.


FactR on IBM Marketplace

FactR - a freight and fleet management tool that powers cross-border transactions using Stellar - is now listed on the IBM Marketplace.