Lightyear Acquires Chain, Becomes Interstellar

SDF’s for-profit arm Lightyear officially acquired Chain and formed a new entity called Interstellar. Details:

  • Interstellar’s products will enable institutions to issue, exchange, and manage assets in private and public environments.
  • Private use case: Chain’s Sequence product allows businesses like Visa and Nasdaq to move and track assets between internal accounts.
  • Public use case: When assets need to move between businesses, they can move on the Stellar network’s public ledger.
  • Chain/Interstellar CEO Ludwin indicated that Chain’s customers “were overwhelmingly supportive of us taking this step, giving me the confidence that the enterprise market was ready to take public networks seriously.”

Ludwin explains why Chain merged with Lightyear in a tweetstorm.
Interstellar press release.
CoinDesk coverage.
Yahoo Finance’s video interview with Ludwin.

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