Horizon DDOS Attack

SDF’s Horizon server experienced a brief DDOS attack on Wednesday. Friendly reminder to use your own Horizon server if you are running your own service and need reliability.

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9.76% of Accounts Performed 10+ Transactions in the Past Month

LongHash - a blockchain data analysis firm - studied accounts on the Stellar network to identify the best recipient accounts for a theoretical airdrop. Their analysis indicates that 87% of accounts on the network have less than 10 lumens, and 9.76% of accounts performed 10 or more transactions in the past month. While the research is interesting, airdropping projects cannot target accounts in this way due to the need for trustlines and the related increase in the minimum account balance.


209,780,640 Operations in 2018

OrbitLens of StellarExpert published an infographic illustrating the growth of the network.