How to Set Up Federation Without a Server

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Federation without a server

Use to power federated Stellar addresses for your domain without having to set up a federation server or database.

Step 1

Visit the site and set up an account:

Step 2

Add a domain by clicking the green "Add a new domain" button. Input a domain you own in the text box that appears and submit.

Step 3

Add your first Stellar address for testing purposes. Click the blue "Edit" button and submit your desired username and the associated Stellar account id.

Step 4

Add a stellar.toml file to your site at that points to "".

It's important that you use your naked domain for the toml file URL - Stellar clients will not look for it under your www subdomain.

Step 5

Modify your stellar.toml file/page to enable CORS - cross-origin resource sharing.

You can do this by adding "Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *" to the HTTP header.

Step 6

Test that your set up is working properly using StellarID's testing tool at the bottom of this page:

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