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How to Buy and Sell on the Stellar Decentralized Exchange

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Interact with the Stellar decentralized exchange (SDEX)

Use StellarTerm to trade assets issued by anchors on the Stellar network.

Visit StellarTerm

Sign In

Sign in with a hot wallet or the Ledger Nano S on the StellarTerm Account page. Learn more about how to store your Lumens here.

Inflation Notice

Note that StellarTerm requires you to vote for their inflation destination address. To use their tool, you must click “Continue” on the next page. By clicking this button, you submit an operation to the network voting for their inflation destination. You can always reset your inflation destination after finishing your StellarTerm activities.

Create Trustlines

Visit the “Accept assets” tab on the “Account” page. In the “Accept more assets” section, click the green “Accept” button next to each asset you’d like to create a trustline for // hold on your account.

Observe Orderbook

Visit the Markets page and select the asset you’d like to trade. Observe the current buy and sell offers at the bottom of the “Orderbook” section, decide the price you’d like to buy or sell for. If you'd like the order to be executed immediately, you'll have to match the closest opposite offer type.

Submit Offer

Input your offer to buy or sell at the top of the “Orderbook” section. Select the buy or sell button to submit your offer.

Confirm Order

Confirm your buy or sell offer by checking the “Balances” section on the Account page on StellarTerm.

Cancel Offer

To cancel your offer for a particular asset, visit that asset's exchange page, scroll to the "Manage Offers" section at the bottom of the page, and click "Cancel offer" next to the offer in question.

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