Generate Multiple Stellar Accounts on Your Ledger Nano S

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Expand your hardware device to multiple accounts

This tutorial shows you how to manipulate the path level to create many accounts on your Ledger Nano S. Dive deep on path levels here.


Visit the Stellar Account Viewer, connect your Ledger Nano S to your computer, unlock the device, and open the Stellar app on the device.

Uncheck Default

On the Stellar Account Viewer below “Connect Ledger Nano S”, uncheck “Use default account”.

Account Path

A text box will appear. In that text box, you should see “ 44'/148'/0' ”, which is called a path level. The “44” stands for the “purpose” level of the path, “148” stands for “coin type”, and “0” stands for “account”. The value “0” for the account level represents your default account, and you can have multiple accounts on your Ledger Nano S by changing this number.

Change Account

Change the account path level from “0” to “1” then click “Sign in with Ledger”. This will generate a new “1” account ID that needs to be activated.

Activate “1” Account

Copy the “1” account ID, sign out, switch back to the default “0” account, and send 1-2 lumens to the new “1” account ID from your default "0" account, thereby activating it.

Double Check “1” Account

Sign out of the “0” account and back into the “1” account to see your newly created secondary Ledger Nano S account.

Multiple Accounts

You can generate additional Ledger accounts by changing the account path level number to “2”, “3”, etc.

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