Stronghold is a distributed exchange and built on the Stellar network. Stronghold enables users to send and receive Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Lumens.

October 2017

Distributed Exchange

Stronghold provides an easy, Coinbase-esque interface for the Stellar distributed exchange.

Bitcoin and Ethereum Anchor

As an anchor for Bitcoin and Ethereum, you can "trust" Stronghold with Stellar "trustlines" to hold your Bitcoin and Ethereum and allow you instantly transact between assets.

With 100s of digital assets coming to the exchange, the variety of digital assets will rival the old guards.

- Stronghold

Note: Stronghold also offers a wallet service where they hold your secret key for you. Be careful when storing assets in any exchange. Our generalized exchange recommendation: Never use exchanges as longterm storage for assets. Use exchanges to exchange, then transfer your tokens to safety. They are centralized startups prone to attack or shutdowns.

The maximum amount of time I have left currency - crypto or fiat - on an exchange is 15 minutes...I don't trust them to hold money. I don't trust banks to hold money; how am i going to trust a two year old startup that has six employees.

- Andreas Antonopoulos, “Hot vs. cold wallets

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