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Kik Founder Ted Livingston on Why KIN Chose Stellar

For KIN, Stellar & Ethereum are better together

Ted Livingston, Kik Founder and CEO, recently laid out why Kik is combining Stellar and Ethereum to power Kik's token KIN. Watch his full response here.

Regarding being on both Stellar and Ethereum:

While we were originally thinking that we had to be on one or the other, we’ve come to the conclusion that, not only is it possible, but it would also be best if we could be on both - if KIN as a token can move across blockchains, move across both Ethereum and Stellar.

Why Ethereum:

Exchanges all know how to implement an ERC20 token, wallets, hardware wallets, that whole ecosystem and infrastructure around tokens for crypto investors is already built out and very mature.

Why Stellar:

With Stellar we can do way more transactions, way faster confirmation times and several orders of magnitude lower transactions fees.

What Stellar will be used for:

The digital services that million of consumers that are going to be interacting with KIN on a daily basis in their digital lives, earning it and spending it, these small amounts, inside of all of these digital services, that will happen on top of Stellar.

What Ethereum will be used for:

They could then always take that and move it over to the Ethereum blockchain put in hardware wallet wallets, put it on exchanges, and vice versa...go out to Ethereum onto the exchanges, buy a bunch of KIN on Ethereum, then move that onto the Stellar blockchain.

Why together:

We think we can combine the best of each blockchain while getting rid of the disadvantages.
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