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IBM's Settlement Solutions Use a Bridge Token & Stellar

During the Northwestern Engineering Dean’s Seminar Series, IBM's Marie Wieck referenced IBM's currency creation and payment settlement solutions built on Stellar.

IBM is providing a currency creation solution on Stellar:

We are doing some work that I will talk about with Stellar to provide a currency if you need one.

To accelerate payment for international freight shipments, IBM is providing rapid clearing and settlement on Stellar:

How do you get the custom’s clearance of the currency because now you are trading Euros for dollars? We are doing work with Stellar which does have a currency exchange network and KlickEx doing an operation in the South Pacific that is physically matching currencies across 13 countries - 7 different trade lanes. On average to clear through the normal settlement process today it takes 3-5 days. We can do both clearing and settlement using a bridge token in this case to represent the appropriate currency and do it in minutes.
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