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Stellar Wallet List - Our Favorite Lumen Wallets

Our favorite Stellar Lumen Wallets

We tested most of the available Stellar-based wallets to find our favorites. We selected the below wallets based primarily on user-friendliness, and they are presented in no particular order.


Desktop, iOS, Android Wallets -

A Stellar decentralized exchange user interface and a Canadian dollar anchor on the Stellar network

stellar account viewer light web wallet

Stellar Account Viewer

Slim Web Wallet -

This simple web wallet is provided by and powers basic lumen transactions with memos. It also generates new key pairs and integrates with the Ledger hardware wallet.

stellar laboratory wallet transaction builder

Stellar Laboratory

Suite of Web Tools -

The Stellar Laboratory is a series of tools provided by for interacting with the network - setting your inflation destination, making offers, building transactions for other assets, etc. It also integrates with the Ledger hardware wallet.

stellar app ledger nano s hardware wallet

Ledger Nano S Stellar App

Hardware Wallet -

The only hardware wallet that currently has a Stellar app is the Ledger Nano S. We highly recommend storing your Stellar-based assets on a hardware wallet, particularly if your holdings are greater than your paycheck. There are some easy-to-miss steps when using the Ledger Nano S; check out our Ledger tutorial here.


iOS, Android, Web Wallet -

Crypto wallet and lumen airdrop distribution channel

stellarterm stellar decentralized exchange user interface


DEX Wallet -

StellarTerm doubles as a Stellar Lumens wallet and a UI for the Stellar DEX. It integrates with the Ledger Nano S, allows you to easily set up trustlines and make offers on the Stellar DEX, and likely has had around 50,000 users.

Desktop Wallet -

Again, StellarTerm takes the cake for the desktop wallet category. You can do everything you could on StellarTerm’s web wallet on your desktop. This is potentially safer (unless you are using a hardware wallet) because you don’t have to fear a BlackWallet-esque attack where a hacker takes over a domain and spoofs the site design.

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