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Analysis & History of Inflation Pool Projects

With the growing interest in Stellar comes a growing interest in building Stellar-based projects. The most popular idea right now is collaborating to earn inflation.

Here’s an overview of the current pools:

If I am missing any, please let me know.

According to dzham on Slack, the FutureTense pool was made:

“...almost exactly two years ago, when the price was 400x less, and the number of users were way fewer"

It requires you to input your secret key, and, according to the site, the secret key only stays client side. Although the code is available on GitHub to doublecheck this, many Stellar users who are not programmers are uncomfortable with this approach.

Stellar has since launched the Laboratory, giving non-programmers a universal, trusted location to perform operations like inflation destination setting. This was unavailable when the FutureTense pool was created. was registered by u/jes in September of 2015 and reached the required votes in June of 2017.

In December of 2017, frustration with XLMpool’s fees grew and talk of building pools with lower fees, no fees, or a charity component started. In early January of 2018, the Stellar subreddit formed a group to start the Lumenaut Community Pool, and MoonPool and Stellarpool launched soon thereafter.

At, we are excited that the FutureTense, MoonPool, and Stellarpool pools were created, and we would love to cover future Stellar projects created by the programmers behind them. Thank you for creating and contributing to the network. If your pool doesn’t take off, please keep building!

Because the Lumenaut Community Pool shares a name with, is the collaborative work of many in the Stellar subreddit, and seems to be a great option for all lumenauts, we will be directing our visitors to it via our inflation pool explainer and tutorial.

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