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What is Stellar?

Stellar is an open-source internet protocol developed by a non-profit to move money faster and cheaper.


How do I buy Stellar's asset, Lumens?

Because lumens are not yet paired with US dollars, you must first buy Bitcoin or Ether on one exchange and use it to buy lumens on another.


How do I store Lumens?

Split your holdings up in a manner similar to how you distribute your fiat across savings and checking accounts.


How do I stay safe on Stellar?

Top tips for how to stay safe on Stellar, prevent loss of lumens, and avoid common mistakes.


How do I earn inflation?

The Stellar network automatically inflates lumens by 1% every year.


What are Stellar addresses?

Federated Stellar addresses enable an email-like address system for sending and receiving payments.


How do I get payment notifications?

Set up a free wallet watcher tool that sends you email notifications when you receive payments to your Stellar account.


How do I explore transaction details?

Use a block explorer to look up accounts and transactions and explore the network.