How Inflation Works

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How lumen inflation works

Learn more below, then sign up to join the Lumenaut Community Pool - a free inflation pool service created by the Stellar Subreddit community.

Join the Pool


The Stellar network automatically inflates lumens by 1% every year. Seem too good to be true? Learn more on the developer doc on inflation.

Inflation is issued weekly at 1% / 52 weeks = 0.019%.

Join Forces

To increase your lumens by 1% annually, you and other Lumenauts must join forces and point at least 52MM lumens (0.05% of existing lumens) at a shared inflation destination account.

The owner of the inflation destination account can then distribute your portion of the inflation to your account weekly.

Why Lumenaut

Other inflation services charge a fee before distributing your inflation. The Lumenaut Community Pool does not take a cut. Your inflation is sent to your account every week.

The team behind the Lumenaut Community Pool believes in Stellar and wants to grow the community.

Stay Safe!

Only point your lumens at an inflation destination account. Do NOT send your lumens to anyone to set up inflation.

Do NOT enter your private key anywhere but on

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