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Community-sourced list of all projects built on Stellar

The many things being built on Stellar can be hard to keep track of. Below is a community-sourced list of Stellar projects. Please contribute by editing the list.

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Built on Stellar

BlockBuckets - A fantasy sports game built on the Stellar network.

Colorglyph - A digital asset collection game on the Stellar network.

GFT - Digital gift cards built on the Stellar network.

Giftcoiner - Send a friend a lumen gift card.

Mobius - Stripe for blockchain.

Popcoin - Metered billing built on the Stellar network.

Smartlands - Tokenize your business.


Emoji BIP39 - Emoji code for generating deterministic keys.

Stellar RichList - A database of accounts with the most lumens.

StellarDice - A online casino with Lumens.


FedNetwork - An open federation service.

StellarID - Federation server as as service.

xlmbox - An open federation service.


Bitcoin China - A Bitcoin anchor on the Stellar Network. - Mobile payments provider in the Philippines. A Philippine Peso anchor on the Stellar Network.

Flutterwave - Digital payments provider in Africa. A naira and Kenyan shilling anchor on the Stellar Network.

RippleFox - A Chinese Yuan anchor on the Stellar Network.

Tempo - A remittance company using the Stellar Network

VCBear - An Japanese yen anchor on the Stellar Network.


Centaurus - Centaurus was the first stellar wallet available on Google Play.

eSACCO - A financial services company based in Uganda.

Lobstr - A wallet for web, Android, and iOS.

Luuun - A mobile wallet.

MyStellar.Tools - A web wallet with Ledger Nano S integration and offline transaction signing.

Papaya - A wallet for Telegram users.

Saza - A web wallet.

Stargazer - An Android and desktop wallet.

Starwallet - An Android wallet.

Stellar CLI - A CLI wallet.

Stellar Desk - A web wallet.

Stellar Desktop Client - A desktop wallet.

Stellar Ledger Nano S App - A hardware wallet.

Stellar Paper Wallet - A CLI wallet with pretty, printable paper wallets.

Stellar Portal - A ledger explorer and web wallet.

Stellarport - A web wallet and user interface for the Stellar distributed exchange.

Willet - A web wallet.


Constellation - Multi-signature coordinator.

Digipal - A payments tool.

DonateStellar - A library that enables lumen donations on your website.

Garnet - A market-making bot for the Stellar network.

HODLDeck - POS device for accepting Lumens in retail.

Lumenaddr - Simple stellar vanity address generator.

PacketBook - A SMS chatbot wallet.

Pay With Stellar - A button that enables lumen payments on your website.

Pay With Stellar Receipt - Receipt generator for lumen payments in retail.

Pricey - A tool to determine the best exchanges and tokens to use to buy lumens.

Redshift - Stellar address generator.

Rehive - White label financial services on the Stellar network.

Sparrow - A library for anchors' AML compliance.

Sputnik - Email notifications when your account receives payment.

Stellar Extended Merge - Fully merge a stellar account, copying all custom assets and offers.

Stellar Instant Transfer - A Lumen donation widget.

Stellar Mailgun Integration - An app that listens for operations and sends email notifications.

Stellar Multisig Coordinator - Create and sign multisignature transactions.

Stellar Rekey - An app to re-key your assets.

Stellar Slack Bot - A Stellar Slack tipping bot.

Stellar Subreddit Tip Bot - A Stellar Subreddit tipping bot.

Stellar Twitter Alerts - Twitter DM notifications for transactions on your Stellar account.

StellarBot - A market-making bot to increase the liquidity of an anchorÕs assets against Lumens.

Warp - Temporary, one-time-use, federated addresses.

Ledger Explorers

Funtracker Asset Price History - Explore the history of assets prices in the Stellar network.

Steexp - A ledger explorer.

Stellar Expert - A ledger explorer and analytics tool.

Stellar Navigator - A ledger explorer.

Stellar Trades Explorer - A tool for exploring trades on the Stellar distributed exchange.

StellarChain - A ledger explorer.

Inflation Pools

Lovepool - An inflation pool where all proceeds go towards Blackwallet victims.

Lumenaut Community Pool - A free inflation pool created by Stellar Subredditors.

Stellar Pool - An inflation pool that charges a fee.

XLMpool - An inflation pool that charges 10%.


myStellar - A forum for Stellar users.

GalacticTalk - Official Stellar forum.

Stellar Community - A Stellar forum.

Stellar StackExchange - Technical Stellar forum.


Quarx - A Stellar decentralized exchange client.

StellarTerm - A user interface for the Stellar distributed exchange.

Stronghold - A user interface for the Stellar distributed exchange and an anchor for Bitcoin and Ethereum.


Smartland's ICO - A Stellar-based ICO by Smartland.

SureRemit's Token - A Stellar-based ICO by SureRemit.


SureRemit - An ecosystem for global non-cash remittances

Stellar Fox - A Stellar-powered remittance company.